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Film review The Manchurian Candidate Synopsis The Manchurian Candidate, directed by Jonathan Demme, is a political thriller made in 2004 as a remake of the film from 1962. Denzel Washington plays Captain Bennett Marco, Liev Schreiber acts as Sergeant Raymond Prentiss Shawa candidate for vice president and Meryl Streep as his mother Eleanor Shaw, a US senator. In Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991 an incident happened to the convoy of Captain  Marco. Raymond Shaw supposedly rescued all but two members in his unit. This made Shaw a war hero and he gained the Medal of Honor, which made it possible for him to start a career in the politics.

Years later, Marco is plagued by nightmares at night. The doctors diagnose the Gulf War syndrome, but Marco does not believe there is a psychological cause because his dreams seem so real to him. He doubts his memories of the incident in Kuwait. He remembers it, but he does not feel to have done it. Al Melvin, his mate in the Gulf war, is also plagued by similar nightmares. Marco wants to find out what actually happened in 1991. The only one who gives him faith, is the German scientist Delp. He tells him that there is a company that produce implants that can manipulate you.

With his help, Marco finds out that his convoy was brainwashed. Eleanor Shaw, the mother of Shaw, has business connections with Manchurian Global, a company which has produced high tech technology and military equipment for the US Army. With the help of the company’s implants, Eleanor is able to have control over her son Raymond and others. Marco finds an implant under his skin and removes it. He also tries to convince Raymond, that he was manipulated. First Raymond does not believe him, but as Marco also tells his awful discovery to Senator Jordan, he doubts it.

But Raymond’s mother orders him to kill the senator. Somehow the FBI got track of this case. Raymond gives Marco his Medal of Honor, because he believes that he does not deserve it. Raymond’s mother gives Marco the order to assassinate the newly elected president, so that Raymond, as vice president, can take over his position. As I don’t want to give away the most interesting part of the film, I stop with these words the summary. Actors’ Performance I really enjoyed the performance of Denzel Washington and the way he acted.

I’m a fan of his other thriller movies, like Deja Vu, Man on Fire or American Gangster. I also liked the role of Meryl Streep, how she has control over her son, to be able to have a perfect son the way she wants him. ————————————————- Opinion I would recommend the film to everyone. I think the only is, that the film is a bit boring at the beginning, but it gets quite exciting in the end. A comparable film I can think of is The Bourne Identity. There is more action and it is more realistic, but the main character has to find his identity and his memories.